Grower Profile: Wijnen Square Crops

Wijnen Square Crops began cultivating various types of vegetables in 1978. Pieter and Twan Wijnen are the managing directors of Wijnen Square Crops. Since 1990, the company has focused exclusively on cultivating peppers and cucumbers. The company has now grown into a modern and dynamic company with two cultivation sites: Egchel, with a glass surface area of 18.4 hectares, and Grubbenvorst, with a glass surface area of 32.6 hectares.
Wijnen Square Crops also has two sorting and packing halls totalling 6,000 m2. ‘Our packing halls also serve as an inspection site for Japan and Taiwan, and we are certified to export to the United States. This allows us to supply many different markets,’ says Twan Wijnen.

We focus a lot of our efforts on picking the right variety of peppers and cucumbers. Quality, shelf life, taste, good shape, and beautiful colour are also vital considerations when selecting a variety. ‘We even discuss with our regular customers how much we should plant of a particular variety. This is done entirely on the “production on demand” principle.’

Wijnen Square Crops also aims to make the world a more sustainable place. For several years now, the Grubbenvorst site has been running on geothermal energy. More than 95% of its heating requirements are currently met by this sustainable source of heat. ‘Not only is this better for the environment, but we also hope this will allow us to go completely carbon-neutral with our production in the long term.’