Supplier visits

Maintaining relationships is a top priority at Global Green Team, which is why we visit our suppliers regularly. We recently visited AGF Direct, which supplies cabbage, leaf chicory, lettuce, endive, turnips, swedes, carrots, celeriac, parsnips, beetroot, and herbs. Global Green Team currently purchases broccoli, oxheart cabbage, and kale from the company.

After this visit, we concluded that Global Green Team should work more closely with AGF Direct in the future, which would help us guarantee the highest quality – as close as possible to the source!

That same day, we also visited Verdonk, one of the largest broccoli growers in the Netherlands, with more than 250 hectares of land. The province of Noord-Holland is an excellent area for growing broccoli, as it is situated between the North Sea and the IJsselmeer, with plenty of access to fresh water even during periods of drought. The clay soil is also good for growth and quality. In order to ensure the highest quality, all of the broccoli grown here is chilled to 4°C before it is packaged.

We also visited Dirk Spruit, who grows chicory, radicchio, and curly endive. Most of the chicory is packaged in flowpacks of four, as this type of packaging is the most hygienic, which is extremely important to the grower. Spruit prefers water-grown chicory to soil-grown chicory, as this enhances the quality of the product. He is also the only grower in the Netherlands who is allowed to grow curly endive.