Grower in the spotlight: Rainbow Horticulture Tunisia

‘Working together creates strength’ is a fitting statement made by the employees of Rainbow Horticulture Tunisia. The year-round demand for sweet peppers is increasing and in 2015, Kwekerij De Wieringermeer, the Grow Group, and a Tunisian partner joined forces and started a sweet pepper cultivation company in Tunisia. The goal was to use these top-quality Tunisian sweet peppers to supplement the Dutch market during crop rotation in the Netherlands. This allows Rainbow Horticulture Tunisia to keep supermarkets stocked with high-quality sweet peppers year-round.

They found a 2.5-hectare plastic greenhouse in which potted plants were grown. The existing greenhouse, its management, and the employees were taken over, and the partnership started sweet pepper cultivation. While the initial plan was to only grow pointed peppers, now the 2.5-hectare greenhouse is home to red pointed peppers and red, yellow, and orange bell peppers. The climate is perfect for cultivation, with the exception of summer when temperatures are too high and cultivation comes to a halt. The excellent natural light and efficient transport route to the Netherlands also makes this location perfect for cultivation. With 15 hectares of ground, there are definite options and plans for expansion, and currently another 5 hectares is being developed.

Production and quality are the top priority with cultivation. The partnership makes full use of biological crop protection and utilizes natural enemies to protect crops from harmful pests. In addition, the climate and the knowledge of employees contribute to maintaining a high-quality crop.

Not only are customer wishes satisfied by the year-round delivery of sweet peppers, but employees are also happy with the job opportunities, the good working conditions, and the pleasant working environment within the company.