On the way to PlanetProof

‘On the way to Planet Proof’ is a label to certify fruit, vegetables, flowers, plants, trees, and bulbs that have been grown sustainably.

PlanetProof is the new name for the Milieukeur label, which will come into effect on 1 January 2019 for plant-based products. The name change does not mean that standards are changing too. In fact, the criteria will be described more clearly, so producers will have a better understanding of the requirements they need to fulfil. A number of themes and objectives will be incorporated into the PlanetProof certification scheme. Producers will have to demonstrate their commitment to ‘Energy and Climate’ by cultivating without emitting greenhouse gases from fossil fuels. For the ‘Crop Protection’ aspect, growers will have to show that they do not produce any harmful effects on the environment. They will also have to score highly on Soil Fertility, Low Water Usage, and Prevention of Light Pollution. Many Harvest House fruit and vegetable growers are already Milieukeur-certified and are preparing to ensure they meet the demands of the new PlanetProof certification.

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